About Lisa

Are you ready to get "unstuck" and find yourself again?

At 51 years old I looked around and thought “Is THIS what God has for me?”

Feelings of burn out, fatigue and no direction were weighing on me like never before.

My body was changing (and not in a positive way) and my mind was pretty foggy. 

I decided to say “ENOUGH” and began some training on renewing my mind.

I was in God’s Word every day without fail.

I began moving and fueling my body properly.

I began learning about and using the power and authority that God had given me over my life.


Everything changed

 Little by little the fog cleared. 

I was full of joy and I began living my very best life with PURPOSE and INTENTION. 

I understood that I had no limits and I could do anything! 

After speaking with a few friends I found I was not alone in those feelings I had experienced.

So many women were feeling like they needed a reset.

They had been floating through life; blowing where it took them with no real direction or purpose.

Most of them were feeling stuck physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

I knew I needed to share what I had learned with other women and Real Life Level Up was born.

I love you and your heart for sharing all these truths with women. Thank you for straightening my crown!


It's time to move forward with clarity and purpose!

God has peace, confidence and abundance waiting for you!